An update from Hnin our Country Manager in Burma

A thousand miles of my journey have just started when the time for monsoon comes. Clouds move in the sky, the rain starts, and the heat lessens. The first step of my journey with Prospect Burma has begun. It is 14 July 2016 and I’m setting up an office with excitement that cannot be forgotten. It will be a thousand nights of stories. I’m very much impressed by the PB alumni once I start to get the opportunity to meet with them. I am inspired by them, and by seeing what they are contributing back for Myanmar’s development. Some of them work in research institutes and development fields while others have started their own organizations, and lead their own businesses. I also have the chance to speak with potential students who would like to study abroad with a PB scholarship. They are confident, energetic and eager to explore new things. I can see their hopes in their eyes, willing to shape their future. I have faced many challenges during the first few months setting up the new office in Yangon, such as meeting with a team from the US Department of State. It has been great to meet these challenges and feel satisfied after overcoming them. The year 2017 opened with a special presentation together with our trustee, Dr. Michael Marett-Crosby, hosted by the Rotary club of Yangon. I have already decided the next 6 months are going to be ridiculously amazing. I am enjoying working at Prospect Burma after my own experience of studying in Japan as an international scholarship recipient. I am now contributing back to my country and want to share the importance of bringing skills and experiences back, to my fellow scholars.

Hnin Nwe Nwe Aung – Country Manager, Yangon