ASSKSummer Party June 2016 – A message from Daw Suu

On 14 June we held our Summer Party in celebration of the 71st birthday of Aung San Suu Kyi. We are delighted to share with you a message from Daw Suu that she sent to us to mark the occassion:

I am sorry that I cannot join you in person for the Prospect Burma summer party, and I wish the event today every success.

This is an auspicious day for Prospect Burma.  I am delighted and honoured that His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales will become Patron of the charity.  I would also like to pay tribute to Viscount Slim, who has served as Patron with energy, enthusiasm and dedication for so many years.

The steadfast support of our friends at Prospect Burma and around the world has been a source of strength and encouragement throughout our most difficult times. Today, through the courage and determination of our people, we have an unprecedented opportunity to unite and rebuild our country. Yet we are not under any illusion as to the scale of the challenges that we will face over the coming years.  If we are to make real improvements to the lives of our people, we will need the participation of skilled and committed young Burmese men and women in every field.

Prospect Burma scholarships made possible through your generous support enable talented students from all backgrounds to realise their potential, and to play a full part in their country’s future. Over the coming years, the reinvigoration of our education system, from basic education up to university-level education, will be a priority for our government.  But decades of neglect cannot be tackled overnight; we will require a significant investment of time, effort and resources to develop higher education institutions of which our country can truly be proud.  

As Burma re-takes its place in the world community, it will also be more important than ever that our young people have the opportunity to learn first-hand about communities and cultures beyond our borders, and to build friendships and connections with their international counterparts.

I therefore believe that the work of Prospect Burma will remain of great value in the coming years. In this respect, I am encouraged to learn that Prospect Burma is planning to open an office here. I believe this will assist you in identifying the most deserving scholars from all parts our country- those young people who will truly strive to improve the well-being of their communities and fellow citizens when they return from their studies.

I would like to thank the trustees and staff of Prospect Burma for your commitment and efforts.  I would also like to thank everyone present today for your continued support to our students, and to our country, in the years ahead.”