Since 1989 we have invested in the future of Burma through education. The impact of a Prospect Burma scholarship starts with our students and has far-reaching consequences, not just throughout the country but globally. Equipped with vital skills and expertise, our alumni go on to achieve incredible things, and to facilitate the transformation of Burma through the application of their skills in the country. Take a look below to see how our alumni are making an incredible impact both within Burma and beyond.

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Since our foundation in 1989:
We have supported the education of over 1,300 Burmese students and enabled them to qualify as nurses, public health workers, teachers, journalists, engineers, human rights specialists, and lawyers, among other professions.

Some of our alumni have gone on to work for non-government health and education organisations inside Burma and with refugees on the borders, as well as for campaigning organisations for human rights, freedom of speech and democracy in Burma.

Others have gone on to higher research and teaching positions, or are adding professional experience to their qualifications until they are able to return to Burma.

We support English language courses inside Burma to enable more students to gain admission to higher education courses abroad.
In the words of one of our graduate students:

“We have one thing set in our hearts: our country will need us dearly one day, and the future of Burma is in our hands. Prospect Burma plays a vital role in making our dreams come true and building our future democratic Burma.”