This newsletter focuses on the future (to read the full newsletter click here). For a charity that is celebrating its 30th anniversary, it is of course important to remember, and we have been doing this as well. But for our friends, for our committed staff in Myanmar and the UK, and for the trustees, what matters is not only what has been done, but how we can continue to deliver real and lasting change through education.

This is all the more important because of the difficult and sometimes tragic landscape of Myanmar in 2019, where so much remains to be done. Our commitment to serve all the communities of that country is more important than ever at this time. One way in which Prospect Burma makes change possible across the country is through the innovative and brave choices of our alumni. We are working with renewed energy to support and develop our network of exceptional people across many different walks of life. You will learn more of some of their visions, and the transformations these can effect, in the pages that follow. We are also going to do more to give people access to the kinds of education that can make them into leaders for Myanmar’s future. Our Access to Learning Programme is a vehicle by which we can reach into communities where higher education seems to be an impossible dream. We need and want to do more of this. At the heart of what we offer to Myanmar’s young people are our scholarships, through our Learning to Leadership programme. This year, we are committed to growing the number of candidates we can support at all levels, and to actively seeking new students in disciplines where we feel Myanmar needs new skills. All of the trustees offer their profound thanks to our friends, without whose support we can undertake none of this work. A charity like Prospect Burma shows what becomes possible when people come together, and are not forced apart by rhetoric and violence into frightened, separate cells.

In our fragmented, frightened world – this matters more than ever.