Genette Dagtoglou is one of Prospect Burma’s longest-standing supporters, who has seen many young Burmese students through their difficult studies. Genette got in Myanmar in the mid-1990s. She was distributing books to children in Myanmar, and heard about Prospect Burma.

“Prospect Burma found me a student – Dr Sasa (AKA Taing San) – who was studying medicine in Armenia,” she says. “At the time he was living in poverty, just getting a bit of rice from Indian students in exchange for washing their clothes. Prospect Burma awarded him a scholarship, and then matched me with him as his sponsor. He had two wonderful qualities – he is a great communicator, and communicated his gratitude nonstop. He started emailing me and that began a wonderful correspondence between us. I carried on supporting him through Prospect Burma for five or six years. As soon as he graduated he started teaching primary healthcare to villagers in Chin State. He now runs his own charity, Health and Hope, which does this, and has had tremendous success.” Through Prospect Burma, Genette also supported Dr Sasa’s brother and two cousin to get their medical degrees.

The value of PB’s work is simple to Genette. “Education is key”, she says. “Education is the key to progress, and English Language is the lock that fits that key. You cannot get anywhere these days without English.

Genette’s support of the students she sponsored has blossomed into some beautiful friendships. “I’m still in touch with the students I have sponsored and it’s wonderful to hear how they are doing,” she says. “I would enormously encourage people who are thinking of becoming Adopt A Scholarship sponsors, because the need is so great, and PB is such a reliable organisation that keeps track of its students very well. It also has a really good record of its students going back to Burma – they don’t go and find jobs in other, richer countries. We tell the students again and again how proud we are of them, and that they have given us so much by being so successful.”

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