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Over the last two years, the media has been full of reports of ongoing conflict, tragedy and human suffering in Myanmar. For nearly 30 years Prospect Burma has worked to create a better future for the country, and today your support is needed more than ever.

The festive season is traditionally a time of peace and goodwill, but around the world conflict and war is destroying the lives of countless people. For the last 2 years, Prospect Burma’s peace campaign has taken place during this time of reflection. There are currently 40 active conflicts* taking place around the world, resulting in millions of refugees and lives which are torn apart for ever. In order to protect the future of our world and to prevent new conflicts from devastating future generations we need to start educating the next generation in the skill of peace.

Prospect Burma works to transform the future of Myanmar through investing in the education of its people, and is a non-political organisation. This festive period please help us to raise £5,000 for a Burmese student to study conflict resolution**, and gain vital skills to take back to the country. Find out more about Khin Khin, who you will be supporting, below. Help us to build a peaceful future – for Myanmar; for the world.

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**Any money raised over and above the amount to fund a student to study conflict resolution will be added to the Prospect Burma scholarship budget.

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Where your support goes

Khin Khin’s first introduction to peace and conflict studies was a seven month internship, which she undertook with Cambodian peace building organisations, back in 2011. Since then, she has gained experience and qualifications to further her expertise in the field. She told us:

“I commit myself to a wide range of community-based and civil society activities.”

These activities include important work, such as “providing community-based psychosocial support and training to communities and local organisations linked to the IDP camps in northern Shan State, and eastern Kachin State.”

There is a lot to be learned from the ongoing peace process in Myanmar, and a lot still to achieve:

“A few initiatives have been bittersweet, such as UNESCO’s school-based peace education programme for Rakhine state… This was, even with all its challenges, a meaningful process for the Rakhine and Rohingya communities, the Myanmar Ministry of Education, and UNESCO. However, peace, education, and even a human being’s existence, are all highly political. Although much emphasis has been placed on the lack of education as the reason for Myanmar’s current political and social problems, a good education programme can only succeed in an enabling and ennobling environment.”

With the generous support of Prospect Burma donors, Khin Khin completed her Master’s degree in Peace and Conflict studies last year. She told us:

“The Master’s course in Peace and Conflict Studies has allowed me to strengthen my role in my community and my country as a woman peace practitioner and develop multidisciplinary expertise on the issues of non‐violence, development, peace building and conflict transformation and to benefit from rigorous research on the causes of violent conflict and the conditions for justice and sustainable peace.”

Khin Khin is continuing her studies this year, as she undertakes a PhD in Peace and Conflict. She is keen to continue building her capacity peace building and conflict transformation to examine and explore and respond to in depth the many complexities and challenging issues that people face in Myanmar, which is intrinsically linked to and affected by issues unfolding at a regional and global level. In particular, her PhD project will focus on women’s multiple identities and peace building agency in Myanmar.

Khin Khin told us: “At a time when Myanmar is pursuing peace and justice for all, it is essential to recognise and develop the agency of women, inclusive of our identity and the roles that our culture and history have for so long prescribed along strict gender lines.”

Please donate generously this Christmas period, and help Khin Khin continue gaining expertise in peace and capacity building, which is vital for the peaceful future of Myanmar.