Prospect Burma response to first state executions in Myanmar in decades

The Myanmar military has executed four pro-democracy activists.

Although more than 2,000 civilians have been extra-judicially killed by security forces since the military assumed power in February 2021, it’s believed this is the first time in decades that executions have been carried out following a sentence handed down by a state court. More than 100 other defendants are also believed to be facing a death penalty.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Myanmar, Tom Andrews, said he was “outraged and devastated”, and that “these depraved acts must be a turning point for the international community”.

A Prospect Burma spokesperson said:

“We echo the international community’s revulsion at capital punishment being administered, in secret trials, against political opponents.

“The executions breach several human rights to which Myanmar is a signatory, including the rights to life, fair and public trial, and freedom of thought and expression.

“If Myanmar’s next generation are to build a long term future, they must be allowed to discuss, learn, create, challenge – and be challenged – without fear of violent reprisals from those in power. Ending unaccountable trials and executions is in everyone’s interests, regardless of their political standpoint.”