Choosing your studies

Why undertake higher education abroad?

Through studying abroad you can: ​

  • Get a world class education and qualifications that will help your career development​
  • ​Learn critical thinking skills
  • Gain experience of other cultures​

When you return you can:​

  • ​Gain important skills that you can take back home to your community​
  • Give back to the building of a better future for Myanmar

How to choose the best course for you

It is very important to think about what course you would like to study as it will shape your future, and determine what careers are available to you. It is for your own benefit and for the success of your PB application to link your interests with your chosen course and career goals. If you apply for a course that does not relate to your future career goals, PB will very likely discount your application. You should think about these different elements:

Your interests – What do you enjoy doing, what experience do you have? Do you do volunteer work that you enjoy?
Your career – What would you like to do in the future? Do you have career aspirations?
Your course – What unites your interests and your career aspirations?

Example 1:

Interests – I am interested in civil society
Career – I would like to be a lawyer
Course – Law

Example 2:

Interests – I am interested in supporting people in my community
Career – I would like to be a social worker
Course – Social Work