Our programmes

Our programmes

Although our scholarships programme is our largest programme, Prospect Burma has three programmes, which work together to offer you the best support.

Access to Learning

In order to study abroad you need certain skills and qualifications, including a recognised English Language qualification like IELTS or TOEFL, computing skills and critical thinking skills. To help more people from Myanmar gain these skills, Prospect Burma has developed our Access to Learning programme.

Within the Access to Learning programme is our Bridging Programme, conducted at our Yangon Office. People from rural and remote communities in Myanmar attend residential training programme in Yangon, where they stay for the duration of their study. They receive intensive English Language training, as well as provisions for travel and accommodation during their stay, and at the end of the course undertake an exam at the British Council. Those who pass successfully receive a passing IELTS score which can be used as a pre-requisite in applying for any international university.

Learning to Leadership

Our main scholarship programme is actually called Learning to Leadership. This is the programme you apply to to undertake international study at university. Click here for more information.

Change in the Community

When our graduates return to Myanmar after finishing their studies we know they need support in developing networks and accessing job opportunities. Our Change in the Community programme is growing, with the aim of helping provide this support.

Alumni Conference

Our annual Alumni Conference offers discussion panels and networking opportunities and is open for all of our alumni to attend. We were unable to hold a conference in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are looking at online alternatives in 2021.


In 2020 we launched our Alumni Regional Cluster Hubs, or ARCHs. These are alumni groups which will be spread around the country, with the aim of encouraging support and mentoring, skills sharing and networking. The first ARCH in Yangon is already undertaking activities. Other ARCHs will be developed as and when COVID-19 restrictions allow.