Funding your studies

Higher education studies cost a significant amount of money, and finding the funding for studies can seem like an impossible task. There are different ways you can raise the funds to undertake higher education. Take a look at our short guide, below, on some of the different options open to you.

Grants and bursaries

There are several donor agencies in Myanmar, such as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the World Bank, DFID, European Union, USAID, and the UN, among others. They offer scholarship facilities to deserving students who wish to pursue university schooling at home or abroad. Master’s degrees are often supported by donors through projects, as a component of programs or as part of bilateral agreements.  Take a look at our list of sources of financing for university students who have limited income.


There are various scholarship schemes available for those who have demonstrated academic excellence, including the Prospect Burma scholarship program. Click here to take a look at a selection of some which we are aware of. At the University of Yangon, there are two scholarship schemes available for students, the American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar and the David Taw Scholarship sponsored by the Norwegian Embassy. NUFFIC (Dutch) and the Chevening Scholarship Scheme (British) are other options for Burmese students. For students who wish to study in the US, there are plenty of educational and professional exchange opportunities. The EducationUSA Advising Center at the American Embassy can provide further information.

Student loans

Another way to support your university studies is through credit. Some banks in the US offer loans to students at competitive interest rates. Credit can be given to cover up to 80% of tuition fees. For those with outstanding debts, student loans can be refinanced to ease financial pressures and obligations – please note only US students are eligible.  Lending institutions usually work with schools to coordinate the student loans. For example, CB Bank Education loan for postgrad studies encourage students to touch base with the schools such as the Myanmar Institute of Education (MIE), Myanmar Institute of Business Academy (MIBA) and the STU Myanmar University for further info.

Part-time employment

Finding part time work during study is a very common, and recommended course of action. Working during the day and attending school in the evening or late afternoon might feel hard to juggle, but it is a great way for students to support themselves through college and very common.

University education, like anywhere in the world, entails costs. Fortunately, for those who have set their heart on obtaining a quality education, there are many existing opportunities to fund a degree.

Article by Lucy James