Successful candidates

Scholars’ orientation session
If you are selected as a successful Prospect Burma scholar, you will be required to attend a scholars’ orientation session in Yangon. We hold these sessions twice a year so that there will be one which is most appropriately timed for you. During the session, you can expect various discussion points:

  • About Prospect Burma
  • Who supports you?
  • What to do before departure from Myanmar
  • Arrival information
  • Get to know each other
  • Share information among scholars
  • Introduction to senior scholars
  • Q & A

Grant Letter
We will issue an official grant letter to you after you win the award, which you’ll receive by email. Once you have received this, you are required to sign and return it back to Prospect Burma via either postal mail or email to, within an agreed time period. It is very important you get this back to us in the time agreed.

Introduction to your seniors who are currently studying abroad
We introduce you to your seniors. For example, if you become a successful candidate to study Business administration in Thailand, we will introduce you to a Prospect Burma scholar who is already studying Business Administration in Thailand.

Communications with Myanmar office
We are available to speak with you through skype, Viber, or phone while you are abroad. If you have any problems, concerns or queries, the Prospect Burma team are here to talk with you. The contact information for the best person for you to talk with during your education abroad will be given to you if you are successful in receiving a PB scholarship.