Prospect Burma began life in 1989, following the pro-democracy uprising in Myanmar the previous year. Over 30 years, we have worked hard to help create a peaceful, democratic future for Myanmar. Though the scope of what we do has grown over time, our commitment to helping talented and dedicated young people from Myanmar to access vital skills and education remains. When we first started out, our work focussed on supporting refugees who had been forced to flee the country. We began raising funds for books and classes in refugee schools, and we awarded one annual scholarship to an exiled Myanmar student to attend university. Since then we have grown exponentially, focussing on the provision of higher-education to Myanmar students. To date we have awarded over 1,300 scholarships to Myanmar students studying around the world.


Our vision

Myanmar made new through the expertise of its people

Our mission

We provide scholarships to committed and visionary people from Myanmar to gain skills and expertise to shape the country they want to live in. Prospect Burma scholars are dedicated to making positive and lasting change to their communities and to Myanmar.

We invest in education to ensure our students receive the skills and expertise the country needs.

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Our values are fundamental to what makes us an effective and forward-facing organisation.




The main focus of our work is divided into three core programmes, Access to Learning, Learning to Leadership and Change in the Community. We support the transformative education of eligible Myanmar students, regardless of religious or ethnic background. In the short term, each of our beneficiaries lives are dramatically transformed by the qualifications they gain with our support, which enables them to find meaningful work and gain valuable qualifications and skills. In the long term, we are helping to build a qualified, internationally-minded population with a passion for changing Myanmar’s future. Since 2011 Myanmar has started a long overdue process of reform, and the need for highly-educated and skilled people is more pressing than ever. All of our students are committed to returning home when possible and to using their new expertise and qualifications to rebuild civil society in Myanmar.

In 2015/16 we provided £342,085 of scholarships to 93 students. Of the 23 students who graduated in 2012, eleven have already returned to Myanmar, with eight of them working in the fields of education, health and journalism. Nine of them are doing Myanmar related work elsewhere and one has gone on to study for a PhD.

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