Burma is experiencing a brutal coup. Military generals are repressing free thought in case it might weaken their grip on power.

Students risk jail, torture or being shot for speaking out against the regime. The minority who remain in school are taught not to question.

Help us change this by supporting safe education opportunities for Burma’s amazing young people. Please help Prospect Burma give them education and skills to decide and create a better future.


Education is under attack in Myanmar’s growing civil war. Since the February 2021 coup:

  • More than 500 schools have been destroyed by arson or airstrikes
  • 959 students have been detained by the military for opposing the coup
  • There are many reports of students shot or tortured to death

After two years of COVID-19 closures, schools and universities remain largely empty because of the dangers, and also students and teachers refusing to comply with the military’s administration.

An entire generation is being denied a future. Read more in our Spring Newsletter, and what Prospect Burma is doing in response.


Prospect Burma offers hope – and practical, targeted support – to equip individuals and organisations with expertise to match their energy and dedication to build an alternative, peaceful future. 

We work with local partners to provide access to critical thinking skills and formal education from post-high school level upwards. We offer scholarships to quality higher education abroad which isn’t available in Myanmar. Read our latest impact report.

Myanmar students: Visit our low bandwidth microsite to find out about our scholarships. The next application window will open on 1 December 2022.