Myanmar is the world’s forgotten crisis.

The conflict in Myanmar following a military coup in 2021 is ranked by the UN as one of the world’s most severe crises.

  • 17.6 million people will be in humanitarian need in 2023
  • 2.7 million people will have lost their homes and fled violence since the coup, along with over a million displaced pre-coup including Rohingya
  • Collapse of basic services, including no education system for two years
  • 30,000 people killed by violence, including 3,000 pro-democracy activists and other civilians killed through military crackdowns following pro-democracy movements..

Humanitarian relief efforts will always be ‘fire-fighting’ unless Myanmar’s communities can develop their own skills and knowledge to restore resilience.

Prospect Burma’s Mission:

To offer hope – and practical, targeted support – to equip individuals and organisations with expertise to match their energy and dedication to build an alternative, peaceful future. 

The situation will worsen because the education system shut down for two years. Over 500 schools have been destroyed by fire, and others by military airstrikes. At least two thirds of young people are staying away from state education to avoid the military regime and human rights abuses.

While many young people have a primary level education, less than a fifth have passed a Grade 10 exam, and there is no Grade 11/12 (sixth form) to progress to higher or vocational education to become a doctor, engineer, agriculturist or any other skilled professional the country needs.

Young people have ambition and ability to help their communities recover. Prospect Burma helps them succeed in their plans by bridging the education gap that holds them back.

Young people are Myanmar’s long term future

Prospect Burma has helped more than 1,400 young people achieve a degree or higher, in the safety of universities outside Myanmar. Collectively, these individuals now make a huge difference to their communities

How our funding was distributed in 2021-22:

Support for young people at post-high school level


  • 133 young people supported to study online or in person
  • 122 items of IT equipment (laptops, power banks, mobile data packages, wifi packages)
  • 4,240 nights’ accommodation for students in safe cross-border locations
  • 12,720 meals
  • 4 Community Based Organisations funded to provide learning opportunities in their communities

Support for young people at further education level:


  • 23 scholarship information sessions, presented to 1,932 young people
  • 66 partial university scholarships awarded, paying for tuition fees and/or subsistence and travel to safely study abroad
  • 19 visas to study abroad for young people needing assistance to get visas
  • 31 pastoral engagements (welfare and mental health visits by staff in India, Thailand and the UK)
  • 6 partnerships with universities in Thailand, Germany and Canada to waive tuition fees

The determined young individuals we support go on to help thousands more people in Myanmar. We work alongside each person to help them study for one to five years, and then to connect with other alumni and make an even bigger difference.

We are working on a long term solution to a long term crisis. The solution is delivered by young people with ideas and energy to best solve their communities’ issues. We are simply the enablers. Join us in helping young people realise their potential to change a nation.