Who is Prospect Burma? The best people to answer that question are our incredible scholars and alumni, who we have been supporting for nearly 30 years. Click on the button below to watch our introduction video now, and hear for yourself just a few of our inspiring stories.


With over 25 years of experience, we work to build a democratic future for Myanmar through the education of its young people.


At a turbulent time for the country, Myanmar needs access to education more than ever. Help us by donating today.


We provide an annual scholarships competition, for students from Myanmar wishing to study abroad

A message from Robert Gordon, Prospect Burma’s Chairman

“Myanmar has been much in the public eye in recent weeks. We have all been shocked by the scenes of killing and destruction in Rakhine State, and the desperate plight of hundreds of thousands of new Rohingya refugees. Some of our supporters have asked if, in these circumstances, it is still right to carry on providing scholarships to Myanmar students. Let me answer with a categoric yes. Not only do these young people need our help more than ever, but withdrawing our support just as the country faces a serious crisis would, I believe, be both wrong and counter-productive. Wrong because we would be letting down a new generation keen to widen their horizons through international exposure. And self-defeating in that it is only through such international exposure that we can equip the new generation with the awareness and skills needed to tackle the root causes that lie behind this latest and most severe outbreak of violence in Rakhine State.”

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